Why these lemons

This is not for you if you hate whining


One sentence can push your spirits down the entire week
One act can make you sober all night

I know this is contradicts to what i say in my blog header (blog is compensated with the pic above \m/)  but sometimes there are somethings which are hard to neglect. People always say to look at bright side of life and that is how you should be. But being so doesn’t make you a happy person cause it ain’t serenity. At some-point this blackball which you chose not to look at will come at you someway, somehow and in some form. All we can do is accept and proceed accordingly or to sit and crib about it. There are many things going inside my head.

We feel dejected, irritated, sober, pushed down, hated and we ask “Why me? Am i the only one to experience it. Why do i have to put up with such people, why do i have to swallow my feelings, why shouldn’t i express my desire, why am i suppose to behave like this”. I know circumstances will not be in favor all the time but we feel it would be fair if it at least was for this time

Minute conversations can upset you especially mistaken humor and forgotten dates. Ever wondered why do have to race for every goal you want to achieve, why is that you have to put up with ego’s of other. why is that people do not understand that’s you are not what they want you to be. why is that only you have to adjust. why is that people think and speak as they are pleased instead of being reasonable.
It might just be bull crap as i speak. I always wonder why is this world so complicated with its own issues. why aren’t thing simple and easy. why isn’t there a stability and order. why do we have to keep running always.

Thoughts and feeling are strongest which decides what you are but the irony is its the weakest when they break you. it then when you feel your thoughts and feelings are hindered we do or undergo something make you see the dark side. Wish you were never there, avoided it. Too late. Too bad. what’s done is done. there is no undo. your left with a scar with a thought with a never demise feeling. can’t ignore can’t accept.
That is exactly what i feel now and so i say “Why these lemons?”

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